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Skit Maker “Bae U” accused of sleeping with ladies before giving them roles to play

Could it be that Nigerian celebrities don’t have dignity anymore, I just can’t believe that anyways. But the case of Bae U being accused of molesting and sleeping with girls before the skit roles tickles the ear.

Photo of Bae U in a bed with a girl
Photo of Bae U in a bed with a girl

Adebayo Ridwan, popularly known as Isabel U or Bae U, is getting dragged on Twitter after alleged chats he sent asking girls for sex for roles were shared and was curated by Bazecity online.

The popular skit maker has been accused of demanding sex from women before featuring them in his skits. Any woman who refuses to have sex with him is usually denied the role, it’s been alleged.

At the moment, Bae U topping the Nigerian trend chart on Twitter as Nigerians call him out.

Some celebrities have joined in calling him out.

As of the time of this report, Bae U has not responded to the allegation levied against him as seen below:

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