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Russian troops are using rape as an ‘instrument of war’ to terrorize Ukrainian women, Country’s Prosecutor-General warns

Russian troops have been accused of using rape as an ‘instrument of war’ to terrorize Ukrainian families and their women.

Russian troops
Russian troops

Ukraine’s prosecutor-general Iryna Venediktova has opened the country’s first official rape investigation into Putin’s troops after a drunken soldier is said to have broken into a home, killed a man, and repeatedly raped his wife.

Mrs. Venediktova said two soldiers attacked the woman in Brovary, in east Kyiv. One has reportedly been identified and charges are being sought. She added that, after shooting the husband dead and sexually assaulting his wife, the pair threatened their child with weapons.

The attacked woman is said to have survived and provided evidence to investigators. Allegations of rape have been rife since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and have even been raised by Kyiv’s foreign minister, who said there were ‘numerous cases’ of invading troops sexually assaulting women.

Mrs. Venediktova said prosecutors would ‘find every villain’ and make them face the full ‘severity of the law’. The alleged rape in Brovary could not be verified. It is unclear how the soldier was identified and his current location is unknown.

Last night, Ukrainian politicians urged the international community to condemn what they claim are increasingly commonplace assaults by invading troops.

Referring to the Soviet occupation of parts of Germany in 1945, MP Lesia Vasylenko said: ‘Two million people were raped in Germany by Russians during World War Two. Russian troops were also accused of multiple rapes of women and men during the Second Chechen War between 1999 and 2009.

This week a woman who escaped from the town of Irpin, which has been partly destroyed by Russian bombs, also accused invading troops of raping women and shooting innocent civilians. Anastasia Taran, 30, described how the city had been turned into ‘hell’.

‘There are plenty of Russian soldiers out there who just shoot people, who enter private homes and, at best, just kick people out,’ she told the Ukrainian online newspaper Euromaidan Press.’They rape women and the dead are just being dumped. They open the basements where people are hiding and shoot them.

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