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RAGRO Digital Farming

Digital Farming is a concept where someone can farm online and get the returns from farming without actively being involved in the physical process of farming.

The need for increased and sustainable food production is becoming more and more pronounced with the increasing scarcity and constant galloping prices of food commodities.

In Nigeria and Africa at large, the rate of hunger and starvation increases geometrically due to various reasons. The hunger index in the country has been hitting seen its highest figures over the past two years, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has predicted that about 19.4 million Nigerian citizens will face food insecurity across the country in the year 2022. The Global Hunger Index of the country as of 2021 stands at an alarming figure of 28.3.

The Nigerian Government has attempted to put in place various agricultural development schemes which include Operation Feed the Nation, Green Revolution Program, etc. but it is no doubt that these schemes aren’t enough to curb the rate of hunger and food scarcity in the country.

This need has been identified by an intelligent group of individuals who came up with the RAGRO initiative.  The RAGRO project is the first decentralized agricultural project duly registered and trademarked in Nigeria which is centered on improving agricultural practices and participation in the country while also delivering suitable Agro products for global consumption thereby fighting both hunger and unemployment. The RAGRO company is a private initiative that is aimed at increasing the participation of people in agriculture through a concept called ‘’digital farming’’.

You can decide to rear chickens through RAGRO over some time and then get the returns of the livestock either by having it delivered to your doorstep or by selling it through RAGRO and collecting the money worth.

With Digital Farming you can decide to produce the food product of your choice without having to worry about getting technical knowledge of how to or a good location to farm your products as RAGRO would take care of it for you. All you have to do is to invest the capital you have and sign up with RAGRO while also choosing the product of your choice and waiting for your returns, be it in cash or kind.

This concept is a mind-blowing concept as it enables all to participate in agriculture regardless of their age, social status, education, knowledge, location, etc. You don’t even need to worry about how your products would reach your doorstep as logistics have already been put in place to make sure your products get to you in the best condition.

Through this program, Nigerians can become online farmers without tilling the ground; you can grow crops, rear chickens, goats, cows, sheep, and any other livestock of your choice from the comfort of your home.

RAGRO is made up of a team of properly trained farmers and technicians who have been adequately trained with the rudiments and proper skills of agriculture and are also dedicated to making your wish of participating in Digital Farming come through.

With RAGRO DigiFarm, you can cultivate and rear real-live stocks and also ensure maximum harvest while pressing your phones, nothing is hindering you anymore! You would also be able to monitor the progress of your investment as the team would keep you adequately updated (RAGRO believes in transparency and prioritizes the interest of its investors)

If you have been discouraged from food production due to one or two reasons, then Digital Farming is for you as you can now become a farmer just by making use of your phones.

With Digital Farming, your money and your smartphone are being made to work for you whilst you’re relaxing. DIGIT Farming has a goal which is to advance the agricultural sphere in Africa and beyond while also creating employment and revenue opportunities for the masses by undertaking serious agro-based practices and providing solutions that would ensure maximum sustainable growth in the food production chain and increment of agricultural practices. With RAGRO digital farming you tell us what you want to produce, we do all the work for you and you receive your harvest!

Apart from Digital Farming, some other activities of the RAGRO initiative include:

Dissemination of relevant agricultural information from various research institutes to smallholder farmers.

Training farmers with the best and state of the art agricultural practices to maximize output while simultaneously reducing costs, and risks and eliminating losses

Mechanized and Irrigated Farming- the world of agriculture have far grown beyond the traditional method of using crude materials which is still widely practiced in the country. RAGRO has therefore taken it upon them to help farmers to transition from the archaic and less efficient agricultural methods to the mechanized method which is far more efficient. The reason being is that with the rapid increase in the world population, RAGRO  has discovered that it is impossible to feed the world with the old, crude methods of farming i.e. instead of employing the traditional method of using watering cans, farmers would be enabled to use more mechanized and efficient means of irrigation.

RAGRO is employing Precision Agriculture (the science of improving crop yields and assisting management decisions using high technology sensor and analysis tools i.e. use of drones to perform activities such as irrigation, fertilization, or scaring of pests).


RAGRO is set to provide micro-credit facilities in form of inputs, equipment, and services to finance farming activities

Smart Farm

this would help farmers to adopt innovative technologies and practices to maximize efficiency.  These practices would enable farmers to optimize resources. The Smart Farm policies still revolve around Precision Agriculture which consists of observing, measuring, and acting on crops regardless of the site conditions while utilizing certain technologies e.g. making use of remote sensors to monitor growth vigor, drought stress, nutrients, weed, and pathogens.

Farm Gate Marketing

RAGRO would act as a middleman between farmers and off-takers of agricultural commodities. RAGRO is set to rekindle the African Agricultural sector by providing a gateway to enable direct contract between the international community and the local farmers in Nigeria and Africa.

Creating a free–to–trade marketplace connecting farmers with consumers of agricultural products

Young Farmers Advancement Program- this is aimed at training and empowering young African youths to start up and be gainfully employed in agriculture.

Live Farming

RAGRO would be implementing a Visual Agro Live Farm Studio where we would be teaching farmers on a live performance in our various farms, showing farmers worldwide how we grow our different farm products. This is a great means of a research institution for agricultural analysis.

It is no more in doubt that RAGRO and its ‘’Digital Farming’’ is set to redefine and revolutionize the world of agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large through its various schemes and elite customer services to participate in this exhilarating initiative head on to the official website ( where you can know more about RAGRO and also sign up for this program.

Nigerian Best Web & Reliable Hosting by WebManager.NG
Nigerian Best Web & Reliable Hosting by WebManager.NG

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