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Nigerian man caught on camera assaulting different women (photos/video)

Bazecity has stumbled on a viral video circulating online where a young Nigerian man was spotted beating up different women at the same time.

Photo of Ejiro Gbadagri beating Bella his supposed girlfriend
Photo of Ejiro Gbadagri beating Bella his supposed girlfriend

In the viral video trending on Thursday afternoon, a young Nigerian man named Ejiro Gbadagri, better known as Ejay, has been accused of being a woman beater and videos of him in the act have been shared online.

In one of the videos, Ejay is seen reaching out to slap a South African woman named Bella, who is said to be his girlfriend.

The woman is behind the camera so it’s not clear if the slap he aimed at her hit its mark, but it dislodged the phone she was using to film him.

The alleged assault left Bella with scratches on her face and broken nails. Friends close to the South African said Ejay is always beating Bella and every time the assault is reported to the police, nothing is done to Ejay.

Bella on the other hand was seen in her private room over a voice/video with Ejiro where she was spotted promising him that she would put the video on the internet for people to see that he is a woman beater. This promise was finally not a threat as Bella finally shared the video on the net.

Other photos show injuries Ejay allegedly inflicted on another woman.

Watch video and photos below:

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