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[Music] Cuban Doll – Don’t Talk

Cuban Doll is back with more fire. Earlier this weekend, the Dallas-born recording artist shared a new single called “Don’t Talk” along with an accompanying music video that sees her twerking in a handful of bold outfits while getting her bars off for the camera.

Cuban Doll - Don't talk
Cuban Doll – Don’t talk
“Don’t talk to me, lil bitch / He ain’t gettin’ nobody, can’t drip like this / My bag too big, my ass too fat / These broke ass bitches don’t know to act,” the 23-year-old begins, before launching into two minutes and fifteen seconds of what can only be described as “real hot girl shit.”

On her Instagram page, Cuban revealed that the barely-there pink outfit covered in Hello Kitty plushies was her personal favourite – particularly the super cool nails that she got to rock along with it, and not to mention her bright pink space buns.


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